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Concerning Civic Hall: a poem by Bexley John Martin (c)

In Ballarat there lays a place
To entertain us all;
Where artists can fill up the space
That’s known as Civic Hall.
But Council wants to claim its land,
And pull it down they say;
Which I would dare to understand
Would be a sad old day …

With little thought they’ve gone ahead
With plans all of their own;
To use the place that I have said
We all have seen and known.
So it is up to each of us
To stand up good and tall;
That we may kick up such a fuss
Concerning Civic Hall …

With this in mind I ask of you
A simple thing indeed;
To show the Council it is true
That such a hall we need.
Where folk have come to strut their stuff
In shows that have been grand;
And now we find it all so tough
That they should want its land …

We need a place, our own to call,
Where songs  are loud and true;
Where echoes bounce off every wall
In front of me and you.
We need a place, so grand indeed,
With space to fill so well –
And one such place that we all need
Should have so much to tell …

So let us dare to make a stand
To save this hall we know;
To do the things with it that’s planned
Since first it came on show.
For it’s stood grand in its good place
Since ’56, and all;
And to this day we need this space
That’s known as Civic Hall.