Keep your Objections coming!

Council has agreed that objections may still be lodged up till they finally make their decision. Save Civic Hall has to date gathered over 2,125 written objections, and presumably many other people have delivered them or submitted online.

Council now seems to be considering postponing its application for demolition while it considers the offer of Premier Napthine to relocate Vic Roads to the Civic Hall site.  This is dependant on whether the Liberal Government is re-elected. So there would be another delay while the building deteriorates further.

However, the Mayor is actually using the term “adaptive re-use” instead of demolition now!

It may be worth looking at the ABC TV report on this.
Check out their current 7-storey high, ugly office block in Kew. Can this really be accommodated beside the Civic Hall?  What would that do to the skyline of Ballarat’s CBD?

Of course, it’s great to see opportunities for Ballarat, though it will not bring 400 new jobs to Ballarat as the Premier declared. The plan is to relocate the existing staff from Melbourne. Personally, I hope they consider other, more suitable sites, and leave the Civic Hall for a community hub, not overshadowed by what would be the biggest building in Ballarat.

In the meantime, Save Civic Hall encourages you to continue to send in your objections, reminding Council that it is our community space, so that whatever is decided, demolition is not part of it. And that the site is retained primarily for community use.

About Merle Hathaway

I am currently Secretary of Save Civic Hall and the co-ordinator of Communications and Media. When not volunteering for SCH, I am a freelance arts administrator, curator and jack of all trades to do with promoting and supporting the arts.