CIVIC HALL EVENTS…to suit all ages happening this week!!

This weeks fabulous events by Here Studio at The Civic Hall:

The Civic Hall Community Design Process is progressing well with many community events on offer with something to appeal to everyone.

Children’s Workshop

This week begins the School Holiday and if you are looking for some free Children’s activities don’t miss the Children’s workshop on Thursday 2nd April 2015  1-3 pm for above 5 year olds…..hosted by acclaimed artist Pauline O’Shannessy Dowling..(POD) at The Open Door Studio in the foyer of The Civic Hall.  Please RSVP at the link below:

A 7 year old's view of the Civic Hall
A 7 year old’s view of the Civic Hall

SCREENING/ SALT SEMINAR: Brian Eno & Danny Hillis…”The Long Now,Now” From 5-7pm Thursday at Here Studio, Civic Hall Foyer

A conversation between the Artist Brian Eno and the Inventor Danny Hillis, filmed as one of the SALT Seminars from the Long Now Foundation ( Eno & Hillis speak about extreme long-term thinking and how it is being practically applied in the design of their joint project, The 10,000 year Clock.  Please RSVP at the following link

Then make your way to Dana St at 7pm for Green Drinks this month features talks about the sustainability of Civic Hall…guaranteed to be a night of enlightenment.

Green Drinks at Mr Rede with guest speakers Ammon and Michelle from Here Studio and Andrew Lang from the World Bioenergy Association…not to be missed!

DATE: Thursday April 2nd, 

TIME: 7.00pm-9.00pm 


VENUE: Mr Rede, 203 Dana St, Ballarat (The Ballarat Club Building)

EVENT: Urban Sustainability and Ballarat’s Civic Hall

An exciting event is planned at the end of April

On the April 24,25 &26 the 10 design concepts will be on public display marking the end of the 1st phase of the Community Design Process.   To mark the occasion an event is planned by Here Studio’s event planner Mairin Briody who is working hard to bring you something exciting.  The details have yet to be finalised.

It is hoped that cleaning of the hall by Council will  begin this week so it may be opened for Here Studio’s event at the end of April and for the Heritage Weekend Art Deco Tours on May 9th & 10th, led by Robin Grow, President of the Art Deco and Modernism Society of Australia.  Pigeons out …Humans in!!






 “The People’s Hall” -Civic Hall

Our own exhibition plans are developing well and things are falling into place nicely for our exhibition at The Backspace Gallery June 4th-21st.  There will be a sneak preview of some of the exhibition items set up in The Civic Hall Foyer at Here Studio’s end of April Event.

Tickets from the very first and later balls, donated by Frank Martin
Tickets from the very first and later balls, donated by Frank Martin