New Era for Civic Hall

Stage One has at last begun at the Civic Hall, with cleaning and repairs to the facade, and tenders out for landscaping of the entrance and west sides, and new mood lighting to be installed soon. The new CEO, Justine Linley, also appears supportive of simple, commonsense resolution of the 14 years of inaction. As the community has asked for since closure in 2002.

Checks for the new work has confirmed that the building is in excellent condition, with no major structural or other problems.

All of this creates great hope for a positive future for the Hall. A new Council has just been elected, and it is  led by a Mayor who has always strongly supported the retention and reopening of the Civic Hall as a jewell in the crown of the CBD.

Many of the new Councillors have declared their support for retention and reopening of the Civic Hall, and the new Mayor, Cr Samantha McIntosh has been its champion for years, inspired by what was achieved at Heidelberg Town Hall.

WIN TV interviewed some members of Save Civic Hall for tonight’s News.

About Merle Hathaway

I am currently Secretary of Save Civic Hall and the co-ordinator of Communications and Media. When not volunteering for SCH, I am a freelance arts administrator, curator and jack of all trades to do with promoting and supporting the arts.