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Civic Hall Lights up and Tenders are called


Things are a lot brighter for the Civic Hall in more ways than one!

Tenders for works on Civic Hall:

Council has called for Design Services Tenders for the redevelopment of the Civic Hall.  This Tender closes on February 22 2017.

Tenders were also called for the Landscaping on the Doveton St side.  This Tender has now closed on February 8 2017   A car park has now been established on the Armstrong St side of the Civic Hall


Mood Lighting:

On December 17 the Civic Hall lit up for the first time in more than 15 years with beautiful mood lighting on the newly restored front facade and east and west sides.  If you have not seen it yet, take a walk or drive to the Civic Hall Site as it gets dark and watch it light up.  It looks spectacular!  After years of debate and angst, Civic Hall is finally being given the face lift it needs  to bring it into the 21st Century.  The work has really just begun, the interior is next…. it is a great start!

CEO Justine Linley, Mayor Samantha McIntosh. Councillors Rinaldi and Coates and  also members of the Save Civic Hall Group were present  to witness this monumental event on Dec 17 2016.

Heritage Victoria Appeal Hearing February 10, 2017:

In 2015 The Art Deco and Modernism Society of Australia nominated the Civic Hall to be added to the State Heritage Register for protection.  The Save Civic Hall group appealed the decision by the Executive Director not to add the building to the Heritage Register for State Listing.

The appeal was heard in Ballarat yesterday February 10.  The Executive Director agreed that the building has great social and cultural significance .  They also agreed with some of our arguments to have the building listed.  The Civic Hall is unique as it is the only “Stand Alone” civic hall of the Post WW2 era  in the State of Victoria  (maybe Australia?….research is continuing).  The Executive Director agreed that its size was monumental and no others compare.

The Executive Director also  agreed that the Civic Hall is rare.   Our research revealed that the Ballarat Civic Hall is a precursor to the later 1980’s Performing Arts Centres.   We have not found another example of an early pre-1960’s Stand Alone, mult-purpose events and performing arts venue in Victoria.    All others had Municipal offices attached or were part of a complex of municipal buildings.  We will have to wait for around 8 weeks for the Results of the hearing .

Watch this space!