Civic Hall could Enhance White Night projections

Photo by Judith Buchanan

White Night:

After experiencing the most incredible event to come to Ballarat it is now time to reflect on what it means for this amazing city.  White Night attracted 40+ thousand people to the city. Guest houses, hotels and motels were booked out.  Cafes and restaurants reported their best ever trade.  The projections and entertainment were magnificent.  We can be proud of our local artists and performers who really gave their best and put on outstanding shows and performances.  The enormous  crowd soaked up the  atmosphere of the massive street party and entertainment……we marveled at White Night.  Please come back next year!

The Civic Hall looked splendid with her facade and sides lit up as they do every night since the restoration of her facade.   People  admired her as they walked to and from their cars on route to  Lydiard St.   If  White Night should return, The Civic Hall could be lit up with projections and be a beacon of welcome from the Creswick Road entry to the city.  After all Civic Hall featured in the very first Laser Kinetics show in Victoria.  What a spectacle it would be!

In 1984 the Civic Hall was the canvas for the very first Laser Kinetics Supershow in Victoria by pioneer Joseph Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski, known for his ground breaking works in Chromasonics, Laser Kinetics and sound and image productions.  His show formed part of the Begonia Festival celebrations.

Photo by Judith Buchanan

The Future of Civic Hall:

Council now has to consider Tenders for the restoration of the interior of the main hall and landscaping of the Plaza and Western side.   Save Civic Hall supports the Council’s application for funding of $4 million to the Federal Government  for  the implementation of the necessary works.  However we do not support any loss of its heritage and functional  features such as  the stage, balcony, dress circle and flytower.  Nor do we support demolition of part of the Lower Civic Hall.  We support the restoration of the hall in its entirety and its original use as a venue for community events and performance.

With the amount of festivals and events growing the need for a large public hall has never been greater.   With 40,000+ people attending White Night it is a no brainer! 

Photo by Judith Buchanan

Historical Documents of events now available through FOI:

Documents have just become available through Freedom of Information,  giving us a picture of the type of community  events and attendance numbers for 1995-98.  a picture emerges indicating that it was a thriving venue.