Celebrations for Civic Hall’s 61st Anniversary

61st Anniversary Celebratory Cake

Civic Hall Celebrates 61 years

Civic Hall Celebrated the  61st anniversary of her Grand Opening on August 20 with a Fundraiser movie ” Hampstead”  a delightful romantic comedy addressing some very relevant issues pertaining to Civic Hall and the campaign to save Civic Hall from being demolished and the crown  land given over to developers.  

We had a good turn out of people and met some new supporters who were passionate that the entire Civic Hall should be retained, restored and re-opened as soon as possible.  We sang Happy Birthday, raised a glass to the Grand Old Girl and devoured an amazing cake, but left the Lower Civic Hall portion intact…..symbolic of the overall community sentiment to save it.  

A big thank you to all those people who purchased tickets and supported this event.  We raised some much needed funds to continue our work to save Civic Hall.  

The opening of the Ballarat Civic Hall August 20 1956

Meeting with Council Officers, The Mayor and Architect, John Clark

On Wednesday August 23 ,representatives of Save Civic Hall and Ballarat Arts Alive met with CEO Justine Linley, Mayor Samantha McIntosh, Council Officers and John Clark, Architect of Baumgart Clark Architects. 

This was a very good opportunity to see the latest re-development plans and ask questions of the Council and Architect John Clark.  There were some serious flaws with the plans and people from Ballarat Arts Alive were able to point out what would and would not work with potential users.  

We were advised that experts in Theatre Design were about to be brought in to further develop the plan.  it was the first meeting and we were assured that there would be further opportunities to view any further plans and offer feedback.  

It was a very positive meeting, however there was still no assurance that the Lower Civic Hall would be included in any further plans, something that does not sit well with us and we will continue to lobby for its retention.

Lower Civic Hall Foyer

Public Meeting Tuesday September 5 , 2017

Everyone is encouraged to attend a free Public Meeting to discuss the future of the Civic Hall on Tuesday September 5 at Frangos & Sons Greek Restaurant, 313 Sturt St (next to Myer).  We hope to see you there to share any information and ideas.

Songways Music Mapping

Civic Hall is now featuring on Ballarat Historic Urban Landscape website, including the wonderful INXS poster for our Backspace exhibition in 2015.

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