About Us

Save Civic Hall is an overarching body committed to save Ballarat’s Civic Hall from demolition as proposed several times by the City of Ballarat.

Save Civic Hall was formed at public meeting held 20 October 2013, attended by groups and individuals committed to preventing demolition of the Civic Hall.

Participants agreed on the beginnings of an alternative vision for the Civic Hall, unanimously deciding it remain primarily for the use and benefit of the community.

After many years of dialogue with the community we believe that the best use for the Civic Hall is as the region’s largest multi-function indoor space – exactly what it was designed for! Of course it will need upgrading, but repairs to the exterior have already started and it has been confirmed that the building is essentially quite structurally sound.

In December 2015 the City of Ballarat voted to set aside its application for a permit to demolish. However, in April 2016, it voted to give over the building to the Library and demolish the Lower Hall. (The space that would be most useful to the Library and the community). Currently work on the building looks positive, but its fate is still up in the air with much contradictory information, and failure to consider the feedback from the many, expensive community consultations.

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