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Welcome back to savecivichall.org….we trust you had a pleasant and safe Christmas and New Year.  There are some exciting events in store in 2015 for The Ballarat Civic Hall…as they emerge details  will be listed on this site so don’t forget to keep checking our site on a regular basis.


Work is currently underway to prepare and source items for the  exciting

“Civic Hall-The People’s Hall”

The exhibition  will run from the 4th June -21st June 2015 at the Backspace Gallery.   You will be impressed at the range of  items that have been offered for the exhibition and we are still sourcing more Civic Hall items .

The Gold Museum has generously started a collection of Civic Hall items suitable for the exhibition and may be preserved for future generations, a big thank you to Curator-Roger Trudgeon.   Just a little point about donating or lending items – we’d appreciate it if you could contact us first, rather than just dropping things off at the Gold Museum. This is a new aspect of their collection, so we need to know if new things are donated that we can include in the exhibition.
Also, while the Gold Museum is happy to receive documents and other small items, they don’t really want to collect costumes and other large items. They will have to be collected closer to the time of the exhibition.
Please do get in touch ASAP if you have anything related to the Civic Hall. We would love to borrow items related to any aspect of the Civic Hall’s history.

Everything will be insured and we will handle all donations and loans with great care.
 If you are willing to loan or donate any  items.  Please call Merle Hathaway on 0419324042 to discuss details of items, donations,  loan arrangements or if you wish the items to be picked up.


The Civic Hall Open door Studio has now re-opened following a break over Christmas and New Year.  As we move closer toward the first milestone in the Community Design Process,  ideas and themes are beginning to emerge for the future design of the Civic Hall and its site.  It is critical at this stage that Community Groups and individuals visit the Foyer and put their ideas forward and interact with the consultants.  This process has never been tried before in Ballarat and it is a unique and wonderful opportunity to become  involved and have your say on how you would like to see the Civic Hall used for future generations…. so please contribute your ideas.   You can keep up with all the news at:


Opening hours are:

  • Tuesday 9am-5pm
  • Thursday 12 Noon-7pm
  • 1st Saturday in the month 9am-12 Noon 
Please contribute your ideas to the Community Design Process
Please contribute your ideas to the Participatory Design Process


Participatory design process to start soon!

Council will decide at their next Council meeting whether to fund a community-focussed participatory design process to take place at the Civic Hall in an “open door studio”.

After years of stale-mate and dissent, and much community consultation – which Council has largely ignored – this new process aims to produce 3 fully fleshed out plans.

The process should start in a month or so and will involve artists, architecture students, the general community – including children, and the stakeholders of the Civic Hall and its site.  The emphasis will be on finding consensus.

Guiding the whole process will be a stakeholder advisory committee which should represent a wide range of views on the future of the Civic Hall and its site. It is expected that members of SCH will be part of this group.

Save Civic Hall will support and actively promote this so long as the process and overarching stakeholder committee is not seen as biased towards demolition or other unsuitable, especially non-community, uses of the Civic Hall.

Save Civic Hall is encouraging Council to include representatives from the arts, health and community based interest groups.

A 7 year old's view of the Civic Hall
7 year old Leela’s view of the Civic Hall